Town bans Winnie The Pooh mascot for 'dubious sexuality'

Posted Nov 21, 2014 by Owen Weldon
The Polish town of Tuszyn were deciding who to use as a mascot for its playground, but decided that Winnie The Pooh was not a good choice.
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The reason why Winnie The Pooh was ruled out was because he dresses inappropriately and he is a bear of "dubious sexuality," according to NBC.
Some of the officials criticized the author of Winnie The Pooh, describing A.A. Milne as "disturbing."
Ryszard Cichy, a councilor, said the problem with the bear is that he didn't have a complete wardrobe, and since he is half-naked, it is inappropriate for children.
Cichy suggested a Polish fictional bear by the name of Misio Uszatek. He said that their bear is dressed from head to toe, unlike Winnie The Pooh, who only wears a shirt.
Another concilor, Hanna Jachimska, said A.A. Milne was over 60 and he decided to cut off the bear's testicles with a razor blade because he had an issue with Pooh's identity, according to The Independent.
As of now, the councilors still haven't decided who will be the mascot of the children's playground.
Some local residents have said that law officials are wasting their time on such an issue, and others have also compared Pooh's low intellect with those who are concerned with the topic at hand.