Interview with Grace Knight of Eurogliders Special

Posted Nov 7, 2014 by Adrian Peel
The singer with one of the biggest Australian pop acts of the 1980s has got back together with the band's co-founder, Bernie Lynch, for a nationwide tour. She filled Digital Journal in on the details.
Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch - Eurogliders
Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch - Eurogliders
Anna Gilfillan
Eurogliders formed in Perth in 1980. Nine years, numerous lineup changes (Grace and Bernie have been the only constant members of the band throughout its existence) and four Top Ten hits later, the much-loved purveyors of new wave went their separate ways, reuniting sporadically over the next couple of decades.
The overwhelming response from the general public following their reformation in 2013, however, prompted the pair to consider working together again on a more permanent basis.
As post-punk, new wave and synth pop are once again fashionable, now seems like as good a time as any for Eurogliders to re-enter the fray and I began by asking Ms. Knight, a talkative fifty-something, to fill me in on what she and her long-time collaborator have been up to recently.
"I've just come back from Perth and Adelaide and Queensland," she says, referring to the short run of dates the band has been on (Grace is talking to me from Victoria), "and I'm heading back up to Queensland tomorrow. It's pretty full on; it's just bouncing around from state to state."
"We've just recorded a new album called Don't Eat the Daisies to be released early next year after the Christmas rush," reveals the English-born star, discussing the songs that fans can expect to hear on the tour. "We feel obliged and privileged, I might add, to perform our old tracks.
"These have been tracks of people's lives and provide fond and happy memories for them. So it's a real joy for us to play all our old hits. But of course we're artists and we have to write and record new material, so we'll be showcasing our new album at the same time."
Some of the group's biggest hits include "Heaven (Must Be There)," "We Will Together," "City Of Soul" and "Can’t Wait To See You" and what has been interesting for them to note is that younger members of their audience, those born after Eurogliders were at their peak, seem to enjoy hearing these songs too.
"Young people recognise good music, well-written songs with great hooks," opines Grace, "so it's really lovely for us to get in front of a young audience that may not have heard of Eurogliders before."
And of course a lot of today's music incorporates that classic '80s 'electro pop' sound...
"I know, it's really funny. I think a lot of young people recognise that and when they start to hear some of our older stuff they go, 'Wow, that's really cool!' and it makes me laugh that it's quite possible we were doing that before they were born."
The 2013 reunion came about after Grace and Bernie, who were in fact married for a time, were asked to open for a well-known band from Ireland - big in the late '70s and early '80s - who had been scheduled to perform Down Under.
"We got asked to support The Boomtown Rats when they were gonna do a tour last year," remembers Grace, "and for whatever reason, that fell through. But meanwhile, Eurogliders had gone to all the trouble of getting a band together and rehearsing and also writing new songs...
"Then we had nothing to do. We were all dressed up with nowhere to go, so that's when my agent said, 'I'm gonna put you out there just on your own' and it's actually been phenomenal the response. We didn't really expect it to be quite as good as it has been."
And without the pressure to sell records, is the versatile vocalist, who has also had a successful career as a jazz singer, having more fun this time around?
"Look, I'm not sure that I had any pressure for chart hits... We just toured constantly for 10 years and that's what we did - it was our job. I've always enjoyed performing. It's kind of what I'm here to do.
"The fact that I'm bouncing between singing jazz and singing pop music is quite exciting for me because they're two quite different genres of music. But it's lovely to have the energy that's on stage with Eurogliders. That's really exciting."
Eurogliders are currently on tour.
To find out if they will be coming to your town, visit Grace Knight's official website.