A+ student attempts robbery of couple after going 'off the rails'

Posted Sep 8, 2014 by James Walker
Leicester Crown Court heard yesterday how an English college student achieving A+ grades for her work attempted the robbery of a couple in the street after going "off the rails" when falling into bad company.
The Victorian clock tower in Leicester city centre.
The Victorian clock tower in Leicester city centre.
Malc McDonald
The Leicester Mercury reports on how 18-year old Jemma Hardy first tried to steal a mobile phone from a couple returning home from a night out before assaulting two police officers who came to assist the couple.
Prosecutor Neil Bannister told the court that Hardy approached the couple while shouting "I have a knife. I'm going to stab you so give me your phone." When the couple refused her request, Hardy began to attack the woman while an unidentified accomplice did the same to the man. The incident occurred on June 2nd of this year in the Highcross area of Leicester. The victims escaped when a passer-by who saw the disturbance stopped in his car and gave them a lift home.
Police officers later arrested Hardy near to the scene of the attack. She resisted being arrested as they attempted to contain her inside a police van, spitting on one of the officers. She later elbowed another officer and stamped on a civilian's foot while being placed inside a cell at Euston Street police station.
Carl Gaskell, defending, explained how the life of his defendant had gone rapidly downhill since she achieved A* and A GCSEs, leading to her dropping out of college. She met an abusive boyfriend and turned to drugs, alcohol and self-harming as life fell around her.
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There is no suggestion that this happened to Hardy though. Gaskell described her life as "rootless and aimless" before recorder Adrian Reynolds handed her a 2-year community order, saying "You have too much talent to waste on a life of drink and drugs. I am giving you a golden opportunity to rescue your life from disaster. Please take it."
Hardy will now have to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work. She is also under a two-year supervision order and is placed on a curfew, enforced with an electronic tag, between 8pm and 7am.