Pair high on meth took and posted selfie with their dead friend

Posted Sep 1, 2014 by Owen Weldon
Chelsie Berry and Jared Prier, of southern Missouri, are being accused of taking a selfie with their friend's corpse, and then posting it on Facebook.
File photo/illustration.
File photo/illustration.
Last week Dennis Meyer overdosed on a painkiller, while he was hanging out with Berry, 24, and Prier, 28. Instead of calling the cops, the pair allegedly dumped the body, but first they decided to take a selfie with him.
According to Daily Mail, Berry said that she was driving around with Meyer, and he injected the painkiller while they were sitting in a McDonald's parking lot. She said Meyer started to act crazy and say strange things. That's when she called Prier.
Meyer was passed out by the time Prier arrived, so he took the wheel and drove to a gas station, where Berry went and purchased some items. When she returned to the vehicle, Prier told her that he thought Meyer had stopped breathing, and she came to the same conclusion after she checked him.
The affidavit states that the pair posed for a selfie with Meyer, and then they moved him to the back seat because he started to smell bad and they didn't want to look at him any longer.
Berry told cops that she didn't want to call an ambulance because she and Prier were high on drugs. She also said that they drove around searching for a place to dump Meyer's body. They eventually dumped the body in Newton County.
The coroner determined that Meyer's breathing would have been faint leading up to his death, and that it probably would have taken him a while to die.
Authorities are still trying to figure out the official cause of death.
The pair are currently being held on a $50,000 bond at the Newton County Jail. They are both being charged with abandonment of a corpse.