Metallica stars in hilarious 'This Is SportsCenter' commerical

Posted Jul 15, 2014 by Markos Papadatos
Heavy metal band Metallica is featured in a funny 30-second television commercial for "This Is SportsCenter" that will air on ESPN.
Heavy metal band Metallica
Heavy metal band Metallica
Courtesy of BB Gun Press
The ad commences with Jay Harris, SportsCenter anchor, discussing the retirement of New York Yankee pitcher Mariano Rivera, who would always use Metallica's classic hit "Enter Sandman" to enter the field, and now that he left, "the guys from Metallica don't have that much to do."
Particularly impressive about this song is that when the baseball player retired, Metallica flew in to the perform "Enter Sandman" at the ceremony.
It is a quite witty concept, and the commercial opens with drummer Lars Ulrich and lead singer James Hetfield from Metallica on the phone trying to get other sports players to use their song for their entrance (similar to Rivera), but unfortunately nobody seems to be interested. They even pitched it to golfer John Daly.
Kirk Hammett is seen in the following scene in the office with ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott, as he is advertising guitar lessons, where "the first lesson is free."
This past May, as Digital Journal previously reported, Metallica's self-titled fifth studio album has broke sales records.
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