Caviar captures attention of foodies and investors alike

Posted Jul 13, 2014 by Mike Rossi
Looking for a top-flight meal without the hassle of going out to a top-flight restaurant? Look no further than Caviar, a two-year old start-up that’s looking to cement its grip on delivering meals from only the finest metropolitan restaurants.
My  nouveau cuisine  meal at the Gothia Towers
My "nouveau cuisine" meal at the Gothia Towers
By allen watkin from London, UK (Expensive) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (
Unlike the competition — think Spoonrocket or MuncheryCaviar does none of the cooking, leaving the messy business to the professionals in the kitchen.
Instead, they operate as a no-frills intermediary between customer and cook — a digital waiter that delivers expertly prepared meals to your home or office door from the best local eateries a city can offer.
To go with quality offerings, Caviar offers live-tracking of orders in addition to an especially convenient perk: simplified group ordering via a shared link. No longer does a single person need to walk around the office collecting and verifying the food orders of colleagues.
By emailing or messaging a shared menu-link, every individual becomes responsible for placing their own order. Allergic to certain ingredients? Want a steak rare as opposed to medium? Need that dressing on the side? Note any and all of it when ordering: Caviar will make sure the restaurant gets it right.
While the nascent company might seem like a flash in the pan, its garnered some serious fiscal attention from investors, raising $15 million dollars in capital after only 24 months existence.
If that’s not impressive enough, rumors have begun to swirl around a possible acquisition by Square, the mobile payment processing company that allows a smart phone to double as a credit card reader, for an estimated $100 million dollars.
Even with all that money flying around, Caviar still only operates in selected urban markets. Those outside of Boston, Chicago, Manhattan, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C. will have to wait until expansion or acquisition bring the digital delivery service to their region.