Video: Locals question Krogers on store quality and get results

Posted Jun 26, 2014 by Walter McDaniel
The Food 4 Less was the only grocery store for the Euclid Avenue community. Over the years food quality had fallen despite the store being managed by the grocery giant Krogers. Shoppers came to executives with complaints and they were answered.
The Food 4 Less had been seeing quality drop for a few interesting reasons but those in the neighbor...
The Food 4 Less had been seeing quality drop for a few interesting reasons but those in the neighborhood turned the situation around
YouTube, KBPS
Long lines, poor quality on produce and bad service were all complaints that the residents of a San Diego community had for their store. This was a problem because some in the neighborhood needed this shop as their major source of food. They simply did not have the time or money to visit a store in a different part of town. Fortunately a few local citizens rose up and brought this to the attention of the main company with some excellent results.
The problem arose from the fact that the store is in what many call a "food desert." These arise when major chains do not want to put stores in specific areas. Many organizations are still researching the impact these have on communities. The basic result is that nearby low-income residents get a poor quality of food and service from areas like this. Many sectors of business and government see this trend as troubling.
Food deserts come about because those in power believe that poor residents will not buy higher quality items and due to the crime in some areas. These factors cause locations not to be made and they also cause support for low-income stores to be poor.
They worked with the Urban Collaborative Project to draft their contact with Kroger. Groups like this are known as community advocacy groups and their basic agenda is to help people build and improve their own communities. Those who want to enact change like this in their own neighborhood might want to look into an organization like this.
Kroger is a huge and also very successful chain in North America. At the time of this writing their stock is trading around $49 per share. They chose to invest around $1 million to improve the store. Local residents are quite happy with the results according to a report by KBPS news. This is an inspiring story of how community feedback can get real action from a company this large.