'Fault in Our Stars' cries up a solid win

Posted Jun 8, 2014 by Tim O'Brien
"Fault in Our Stars" beat expectations and proved the young female audience is not to be ignored at the box office. Going in it was going to beat "Edge of Tomorrow," but it wasn't close.
Easy win for the tearjerker.
Easy win for the tearjerker.
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Not close at all since "Edge" finished in third, while "Maleficent" was second.
At $48.2 million, "Fault in Our Stars" was higher than the early projections but not quite what the amended ($55 million) figures were. Nonetheless, it was huge.
Often scorned for rushing out to see "Twilight," "Divergent" and even "The Hunger Games," this crowd means business. But the theme of "Fault in Our Stars" should make those who would rather see them ignore the usual adolescent fare, take note. This was more of a Lifetime movie featuring death and dying, and not by survival skills or vampires. It could be seen as a "Brian's Song" for women. That is a movie where even men admit to crying when watching.
"Fault in Our Stars" is based on John Green's bestseller of the same name. It is about two cancer patients who fall in love. It stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, who both appeared in "Divergent."
No doubt, the social media buzz helped boost the tearjerker this weekend, while leaving others in the dust. That buzz is there for many things but it doesn't always translate into business. That seems to be more true with adults, but with the younger audience, they grew up with it and it works for them, it seems.
Woodley is a star for sure. Not only did "Divergent" do it for her, but "Fault in Our Stars" solidified that status. Now, can the buzz keep going? And how much will the inevitable drop be next weekend?
1. "Fault in Our Stars" - $48.2 million
2. "Maleficent" - $33.6 million
3. "Edge of Tomorrow" - $29.1 million
4. "X-Men: Days of Future Past" - $14.7 million
Tom Cruise and "Edge of Tomorrow" is stuck on the same day and that is proving not to be a good thing. While it may be stylish and inventive, it fell flat with movie-goers. It could not even get to the early projections of $30 million, falling short at $29.1 million. But, let's face it, if one hates the original scene that gets played over and over, this will not work.
Last week's winner, "Maleficent" fell to second with an estimated over $33.6 million over the weekend. Not bad of a drop at all at around 52 percent.
On the smaller front, "Obvious Child" was in only three theaters and took in $81,000 for a per screen average of $27,000.
One final note as Father's Day approaches. The town of Dyersville, Iowa will be hosting a 25th anniversary celebration for "Field of Dreams." The movie will be shown in center field on June 13. Kevin Costner and other cast and crew members will be there as well. NBC will be doing some interviews and more events are planned. Events take place on June 13-14.