Innovations to be announced at the Digital Health Summit Special

Posted May 22, 2014 by Tim Sandle
Living in Digital Times’ Digital Health Summer Summit June 18-20 in San Francisco promises to be an interesting event. Leading industry veterans will provide advice to help start-ups in this emerging, and thriving industry.
Photo by Eelke Dekker (CC BY 2.0)
This June, in San Francisco, a different type of digital media event is taking place: one aimed at the health sector, with an emphasis upon small businesses. The event is called "Digital Health Summer Summit." To find out more, Digital Journal spoke with Jill Gilbert, the summit producer.
Asked what the object of the event was, Jill Gilbert said: “Digital Health Summer Summit offers a unique forum for entrepreneurs, key industry players and others to cross-pollinate ideas, get to the core of the industry’s most pressing questions and understand every element of a successful venture.”
Furthermore, the event is "designed to foster healthy business outcomes by giving attendees the opportunity to connect with others in their industry, understand the full spectrum of issues, share business intelligence, and get hands on workshop experience, all in an intimate and candid environment".
As to what is included, Gilbert explains that participants can take part in three boot camps. These are:
Rise of the Machines - Here leading robotics business advisor and startup evangelist, Andra Keay, will offer a deep dive into the surging business of robotics and what it will take to succeed in a market expected to reach $46 billion by 2017.
Product Development Lab – Participants can join Ximedica, a leading healthcare product development accelerator, as they guide attendees through the intricate product development process - what works and what doesn’t - helping set the stage for success.
Startups Transforming Healthcare – Delegates can join experts and frontline leaders from the ONC and leading accelerator Rock Health as they help entrepreneurs understand the rapidly changing healthcare landscape and how they can utilize best practices to usher the industry forward.
The summit will also offer four main areas of focus. Gilbert explains that these are: "helping businesses understand the entire roadmap to product development and success, strategies for changing consumer behavior and how to reach consumers in the smartest way, finding and building crucial partnerships, and discovering key opportunities and growth potential."
Asked to pick some highlights, Gilbert selects: "Digital Health at Warp Speed - Join Joe Flower, one of the most important healthcare futurists of our time, for a provocative one-on-one conversation with Forbes Magazine Contributor and avid digital health enthusiast, Dan Munro.
Innovations from Scratch – In a first-of-its-kind look at what the key essentials of success are, we’ll hear high profile CEOS who share both success and 'almost famous' stories about their failed ventures. Both scenarios are worthy of scrutiny.
Building Killer Partnerships – Take a deep dive into three model case studies inviting each side of the partnership to share their insights."
The conference is organized by a company called Living in Digital Times. The company produces conferences and exhibits. The aim is to "bring together the most knowledgeable leaders and the latest innovations that intersect technology and lifestyle" and to "help companies understand what it means to be a consumer in today’s digital world and stay a step ahead in identifying key trends in their given marketplace."