Lady Gaga admits using facial tape on eyes daily to look younger

Posted Apr 13, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
It has made dozens of news sites so it might as well make ours; Lady Gaga says she uses facelift tape around her eyes daily. She does it, she admits, to look younger, and because she enjoys the ritual of putting it on.
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
"When I have my wig cap on and I'm taping my face, it's a sort of meditation for me. Every day, it starts the same way. It's like a mantra," she told the Daily Mirror. "I wash my face, I pin my hair back and put on a wig cap and I ask, 'How am I going to form my eyes today with this tape? How will I pull back my neck with tape?'"
The Fame Monster uses the tape to pull skin tightly around her cheekbones and her neck, thereby giving her face a younger look. Some of us may have thought that 28 (that's how old Lady Gaga is) was already young.
While Lady Gaga has had some monster hit albums in her career, The Fame and Born This Way, her latest album, ARTPOP hasn't sold as well, nor has it received many strong reviews. It's a album she has nonetheless said she's happy with and some, English singer Lilly Allen among them, have praised her for putting artistic aspirations ahead of commercial ones.