Iron Man Has a Tony Stark... and the Choice is a good one!

Posted Sep 29, 2006 by Hipster1
Aint It Cool New was Correct!
Late the other night Ain’t it Cool News Posted that Jon Favreau's Ironman had a lead actor... His name is Robert Downey Jr. I, personally, couldn’t be more thrilled! I know his past and pit falls could look like a problem to some but to myself and many others it can really help fill out the roll of Tony Stark who dealt heavily with alcoholism in the comic book series
I think the choice is a stroke of genius the likes of which will raise the level of this movie from second rate Marvel movies like The Hulk and Dare Devil (Favreau's first Marvel movie) Robert Downey Jr. is the kind of actor that would help any movie but especially one like this because Ironman is flawed and you need an actor that can run the gambit dramatically with Stark… This movie is on the right track so far! I can only see good things to come