Bus driver in Sweden forced 6-year-old girl to show teeth

Posted Mar 30, 2014 by Ernest Dempsey
A six-year-old girl was made to show her teeth by the demand of a bus driver in Sweden as he wanted to make sure the child was eligible for a free ride.
A typical school bus
A typical school bus
Adam S.
The incident was reported from the northern city of Sundsvall where, as per policy of the city’s public transport, children under the age of seven are eligible for a free ride on buses, provided they are accompanied by an adult. As the report explained, the girl, Rebekah, was accompanied by her mother and was asked by the driver about her age. Both Rebekah and her mother answered the question, saying she was six.
However, the driver suspected that they might be lying about her age to get a free ride. He demanded that Rebekah show her teeth, which the girl did, before her mother could react. The driver then argued that the child had too many teeth for a six-year-old and appeared much taller than an average six-year-old. After an argument, he allowed them on the bus with free ride for Rebekah, though he reportedly told the mother that her daughter wouldn’t be considered six next time on a bus ride.
The mother, angered by the incident, is said to have complained to the management of the bus company and demanded an apology for the driver’s behavior which, as she was quoted, left her and her daughter very disturbed, particularly the child who was left with the question why she was made to show her teeth.
The incident reminds of another, more disturbing one reported by Daily Mail in March last year when a bus driver in Stockholm segregated all passengers of color from white passengers and boarded them onto a separate bus. Following the incident, several complaints were filed at the management of the respective transport service operating the buses.