Russell Brand analyzes news in new YouTube series, 'The Trews'

Posted Mar 3, 2014 by Alex Allen
The popular and often controversial British comedian has now taken to YouTube with a new series called "The Trews: True News With Russell Brand."
Russell Brand  one of several celebrities involved in a promotional video  I am Bradley Manning
Russell Brand, one of several celebrities involved in a promotional video "I am Bradley Manning"
Russell Brand is now a news anchor! (sort of) The 38 year old comedian recently started a new series on YouTube titled "The Trews: True News With Russell Brand." It appears to be a low production vlog in which the comedian takes a stab at the sensationalist news in some of the UK's popular tabloids and broadsheet newspapers. In the most recent installment of the series, released on Brand's official YouTube channel earlier today, he broke apart an issue of The Sun featuring a shirtless and muscular Vladimir Putin on the front cover.
Brand also weighed in on the Oscars, which of course made front page on The Sun. "There was an acting contest [that] happened yesterday to see who does acting the most well," he said. He then pointed to an actress on the cover and said, "This person here ... done well."
Russell Brand has been very critical of mainstream news recently. He garnered a massive amount of attention when he appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe program and pointed out their "superficial agenda." He also appeared on the Alternative news program The Alex Jones Show where he talked with Jones about how the mainstream media presents information.