Justin Bieber, Usher, holiday in Panama with media in tow

Posted Jan 27, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
Justin Bieber and his entourage, for this trip including his mentor, Usher and manager Scooter Braun, have decamped to Panama. While the Grammys were on — he was not nominated this year — Bieber and co. were on a Panamanian beach.
Pop singer Justin Bieber waves to fans as he leaves a jail after being released on bail in Miami  Fl...
Pop singer Justin Bieber waves to fans as he leaves a jail after being released on bail in Miami, Florida in this still image taken from video January 23, 2014
With permission by Reuters
Along for the ride is, as always, members of the media, reporting the Canadian pop star's every move. Since his arrival in Panama, a host of media has accused him of having a regular habit of doing all manner of drugs, including marijuana and codeine.
Bieber and 'bad-girl' model Jeffries
Other reports maintain Bieber, 19, is being badly influenced by model Chantel Jeffries, 21, in Panama with him; Jeffries has had at least five run-ins with the law. The two are said to be going out and along with all the others are staying in a resort near Punta Chame, Panama.
This all comes on the heels of an incident last Thursday's in Miami when Bieber was pulled over for drag racing at 4 a.m. Initially he was charged with drag racing, with a D.U.I. and with resisting arrest without violence. However information on the Miami-Dade county court clerk's office Monday states the D.U.I. and drag racing charges have been dropped and the only remaining charge is resisting arrest without violence.
Bieber's childhood best friend, Ryan Butler, is also down in Panama. There are media reports claiming that Butler, Braun and Usher intend to get Bieber to go to rehab to deal with drug issues and help the singer get more of a hold on his life.
There is nothing, however, that has corroborated the reports that he is using drugs or that they are all in Panama for anything other than a vacation. While some British tabloids have used direct quotes in their stories, all the quotes come from anonymous sources.