Sleeping on one side may worsen glaucoma

Posted Jan 12, 2014 by Tim Sandle
A new study suggests that sleeping on one side may worsen glaucoma. The study also suggests that people with worsening glaucoma on just one side were also more likely to sleep with the affected eye facing downward.
January 2014 is Glaucoma Awareness Month in the U.S. (as the Digital Journal has reported), where there are a series of initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the ocular condition.
In relation to glaucoma, a new study has been published this month, undertaken by researchers in South Korea. The study presents data which suggests that sleeping on the side, for those at risk from glaucoma, can ether increase the risk of developing glaucoma or worsen the condition. This is because the position raises the eye's internal pressure and probably hastens deterioration of the eye.
The study was led by Dr. Kyoung Nam Kim, a researcher in the Department of Ophthalmology at the Chungnam National University hospital in Daejeon. The findings have been published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology, in a paper titled "Relationship between Preferred Sleeping Position and Asymmetric Visual-field Loss in Open-angle Glaucoma Patients."
Glaucoma is a term that describes a group of eye conditions that affect vision. Glaucoma often affects both eyes, usually in varying degrees. One eye may develop glaucoma quicker than the other.