Op-Ed: Whatever happened to Global Warming?

Posted Jan 6, 2014 by Alexander Baron
Here is the weather forecast: there will be a typhoon in the Philippines; torrential rains in the UK; snowstorms in the US; and global warming where exactly?
Toronto s ice storm that left more than 250 000 households without power.
Toronto's ice storm that left more than 250,000 households without power.
Back in 1991, Michael Fumento (author of The Myth Of Heterosexual AIDS...) wrote a humorous article called The Profits of Doom: How To Achieve Fame and Fortune by Being Spectacularly Wrong.
He was right about AIDS and he appears to have been right about the prophets of doom too, hence his allusion to the profits of doom.
Remember the recent tragedy of Michael Schumacher? He was skiing in the French Alps, apparently because that's where the snow is. Well guess what, there is rumoured to be more than a little in the Rockies if these ski chalets are any sort of guide, but if you live in New York, you don't need to fly south, check out this BBC report.
Although there is no skiing in the Philippines, there is still plenty of the wrong kind of weather after the recent disaster in the form of, albeit mild, earthquakes, while in the UK, people were still cleaning up after the December floods when more of the same was on the way, especially in coastal areas.
And, just in case you had forgotten or hadn't noticed, ships are getting stuck in the ice in Antarctica. But isn't all that ice supposed to be melting? Only a fool would suggest that the 7 billion and more people on this planet do not affect our environment profoundly; we do have serious problems, think of all that rubbish, and other unmentionable stuff we and industry produce, but isn't it time we had a sensible, dogma-free debate on what is really happening, especially in view of all those supposedly so "green taxes" the citizens of the UK and elsewhere are being told are necessary in order to stop something that may not be happening?