Bill Gates sees fortune grow

Posted Jan 4, 2014 by Tim Sandle
The world's richest man, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, increased his fortune by $15.8 billion, to $78.5 billion over 2013.
Microsoft Chairman and philanthropist Bill Gates.
Microsoft Chairman and philanthropist Bill Gates.
The reason for Gates' increase in personal wealth is due to a rise in the Microsoft share price, according to The Guardian.
It was not only Bill Gates who saw a rise in his personal fortune. According to a report by Bloomberg's Billionaires Index, the 300 richest people in the world are collectively $524 billion better off than this time last year. Moreover, the aggregate net worth of the world’s top billionaires stood at $3.7 trillion at the market close on December 31, 2013.
The list contains big players. The biggest gain was seen by Amancio Ortega, the Spanish fashion executive who founded retailer Inditex. He reportedly added $22.2 billion to his wealth. Second on the list is Mexican telecoms magnate Carlos Slim, who was the world's richest man at the end of 2012. In third place is investment guru Warren Buffett.
Another major player is Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg whose net worth increased by $12.4 billion last year, which was the largest gain for any person involved in technology other than Bill Gates. Mashable reports that Zuckerberg is currently worth more than $24.5 billion.
As well as an end-of-year list, for some reason Bloomberg will, during 2014, update each net worth figure every business day at 5:30 pm (New York time), depending on stock fluctuations and economic/company news. . A similar list is run by the business site Forbes.