Google's Android-based Nexus TV could launch as early as 2014

Posted Dec 7, 2013 by Milton Este
If Apple TV, Roku, Netfix, and all the other Internet streaming TV set top box isn't enough, then here comes one more. Unsurprisingly (or perhaps surprisingly) Google has been working on a set-top box to enable Internet capability on existing TV sets.
Doctor Who Google Doodle
Doctor Who Google Doodle
Google Inc.
While the Chromecast served as a bridge to streaming content from any internet enabled device to your TV, it looks like Google is working on something much bigger. An anonymous Google employee shared that the company is working on a device currently codenamed "Nexus TV".
Anyone who has been following Google would know they have attempted to enter your lives or at least your living room with the Nexus Q, which is no longer available for sale. Instead, it looks like they are planning something much bigger.
Although the details aren't confirmed, it is speculated that the "Nexus TV" will be running on Android, but it won't stop at content streaming. Google also plans on offering video game streaming through the set top box which has never been a key selling point from other internet media player makers. In order to do so, the set top box should feature a remote with a built-in touch pad to mimic navigation like on mobile devices.
The "Nexus TV" is expected to be unveiled in early 2014 during the CES event just previous years.