Autistic boy's bike stolen, but replaced by stranger

Posted Nov 17, 2013 by Owen Weldon
A stranger donated a brand new bicycle to an autistic boy, 12, who had his own bike stolen outside a local library in British Columbia. Ryan Nicholson heard about Nathan's story, and he decided that he would help out.
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According to Huffington Post, Nathan Antone parked his old bike outside a library in Maple Ridge, B.C. last Tuesday. Within 30 minutes the bike was gone.
According to CBC, Nathan said that he saw that the bike wasn't in sight when he came out of the library and that he assumed it was stolen. He went onto say that he was very upset over the ordeal.
Nathan's family said that they are on a fixed income and that they were not able to replace the bicycle.
According to Yahoo, Ryan Nicholson heard about Nathan's story through the media, and he decided that he would help out.
Nicholson said that someone did something nice for him and that he wanted to pay it forward, so he bought Nathan a bike. Nicholson also purchased a bike lock for Nathan, that way the incident is likely to not happened again.
Nathan was happy with the bike, and said that it was black and it looked really cool.