Video: Sea lion snatches catch from fisherman's hands

Posted Oct 28, 2013 by Owen Weldon
Fisherman Mile "The Griz" Ritz and Chef Yvan Mucharrz of Capella Pedregal were filming an upcoming episode of the 'Chef on the Water' reality show when a sea lion snatched Mucharrz's catch.
Sea Lion at Monterey Breakwater
Sea Lion at Monterey Breakwater
David Corby
According to Gawker, Mucharrz was showing off his monster catch when all of a sudden a sea lion appeared from the water and quickly snatched it from his hands.
According to Time, local fishermen are familiar with the sea lion, and they have named him Pancho.
According to Huffington Post, the incident took place in Cabo San Lucas, mexico.
The sea lion is not seen again in the video after getting away with the catch, and in the background a pelican can be seen watching what had just happened.