Bootleg liquor kills dozens in India

Posted Oct 20, 2013 by Owen Weldon
Over the course of three days forty-two people in northern India has died in hospitals after drinking toxic bootleg liquor.
mcconnors / morguefile
According to Huffington Post, District Magistrate Neena Sharma said that around 40 people are in hospital in Uttar Pradesh state, where they are being treated.
According to Philly, 32 people were arrested for illegally brewing, as well as selling the toxic drink to the villagers.
According to Aljazeera, some of the patients that are being treated have gone blind as a result of consuming the toxic alcohol.
People dying from drinking illegally brewed liquor is common in India because the poor cannot afford to purchase license.
Illegally brewed liquor is usually spiked with pesticides to increase potency.