Op-Ed: Islamist fanatics target UK Moslems

Posted Oct 19, 2013 by Alexander Baron
Islamic leaders in the UK have been warned they are being targeted by the fanatics of al-Shabab. This should surprise no one.
Birth name:	Omar Shafik Hammami  American citizen  a member and leader in the Somali Islamist milita...
Birth name: Omar Shafik Hammami, American citizen, a member and leader in the Somali Islamist militant group al-Shabaab
What is Islamism? What it is not, is Islam, most people understand that. With the attacks of September 11, of 7/7 in the UK, and other atrocities targeted at Westerners, it was easy to see Islamism as a terrorist movement directed at Whites, Westerners generally - especially Americans, and more generally at Christians, non-believers, etc.
This is not entirely inaccurate, after all, they are murdering us, and will murder us if they get the chance, but for the truth fanatic, the apostate is a greater evil than the heathen, as Salman Rushdie discovered to his cost after publication of The Satanic Verses in 1988.
For those following in the footsteps of the late and unlamented Osama Bin Laden, anyone is fair game to murder who does not subscribe to their particular warped Weltanschauung of a Caliphate, initially over the Islamic world, and then over us all. This intolerance extends to a version of Islam that is so twisted and perverse as to be unrecognisable. The most recent manifestation of this perversion of Islam was the attack in Kenya.
Now, leading Moslems in Britain have been warned by the authorities that the group behind this are targeting them. In view of the murderous campaigns of the Islamists in the Islamic world, we should be surprised not that this has come about but that it took so long. We don't yet know the source of this intelligence, but it is deemed credible, which should be good enough for us.
In the UK, Islamism has a public face, that of Anjem Choudary. If his accent sounds impeccably English, that is with good reason; he was born at Welling in Kent, which means, unfortunately, that he can't be deported. He is also perhaps not to be taken too seriously, if nothing else he is far too high profile, but clearly revels in his notoriety.
Anjem Choudary.
Anjem Choudary.
This sort of fanaticism is far from exclusive to Islam, but there is a disturbing twist in the tail; unlike its ugly cousin in the West, Christian Identity, Islamism is not a racially exclusive dogma. Broadly speaking this means that anyone - including whites and even Jews - are welcome into the brotherhood, the only qualification is that they must be prepared to get their hands dirty, or even bloody. The so-called White Widow is currently the most notorious of these renegades, but those with longer memories will recall the name Taliban John, who was back in the news in April this year.
Probably more typical, and the type we can expect to carry out any assassination attempts here in future, is white convert Mohamed Abdulaziz Rashid Saeed-Alim, a lost soul who was radicalised over the Internet.
The big question is how do you stop someone who truly believes all the garbage he has been fed about killing the enemies of the one true religion and is prepared to give his own life in order to spill the blood of the innocent? That is a question that people deep in the heart of the government and the security services are currently mulling over. Don't expect them to come up with the answer anytime soon.