Divers pull meteorite from Russian lake

Posted Oct 16, 2013 by Owen Weldon
On Wednesday, divers working at a Russian lake managed to recover a large chunk of meteorite that exploded earlier this year over Chelyabinsk.
Meteorite in the Urals region of Russia  February 15  2013
Meteorite in the Urals region of Russia, February 15, 2013
According to BBC, the meteorite plunged into Lake Chebarkul on February 15, leaving a giant hole in the ice. The piece of the meteorite that was retrieved weighed a half-tonne, making it the largest fragment of the meteorite yet found.
According to NBC, the retrieval effort was caught on video, and it shows the meteorite's crust, a shiny, glassy layer of black material, which forms when the rock's outer portions melt. The piece of rock also seems to have a regmaglypts shallow surface.
According to Los Angeles Times, the fragment may not provide novel scientific information, but scientists did say that it still provides a boon.
Researchers believe that this may be the largest Chelyabinsk meteorite ever found. Other bits that were found in the past were the size of walnuts.