EDL rally in Bradford a huge success despite loss of leader

Posted Oct 13, 2013 by Richard Milnes
Working-class English descended on Bradford in their hundreds as only a small number attended a far-left UAF rally to listen to George Galloway.
EDL patriots in Bradford.
EDL patriots in Bradford.
In a statement, West Yorkshire Police said that approximately 700 demonstrators attended the EDL rally, but only 120 counter-protesters attended a rally organised by UAF, a far-left, anti-British organisation which had Woolwich killer Michael Adebolajo as a speaker at its Harrow rally in 2009.
Well over 1,000 police officers from a number of forces across the country were involved in the police operation.
The EDL were in high spirits and came out with their usual songs such as, “I’m England ‘til I die! I know I am, I’m sure I am, I’m English ‘til I die!”
Speaking at the rally, Essex Regional Organiser, Mark Dunbarr said, “There will always be an English Defence League!” putting to rest speculation as to what would happen after the leader, Tommy Robinson and his cousin Kevin Carroll stepped down in a move that surprised many people. After more than four years of loyal service to the EDL they will now pursue a new, rather bizarre venture; although there is probably method in their madness and it may not be possible for them to reveal the full story.
Mark Dunbarr went on to explain that the ROs (Regional Organisers) have got together to form a committee.
Dunbarr promised, “Next year we will take the EDL higher, better and bigger!”
He commented that there had been rumours on Facebook about who would be taking over the EDL. “The ethos stands the same.” He said. “Everybody is welcome!” He added.
“We stand against militant Islam and that is our goal.” He confirmed.
A local Yorkshire lad addressed the demo explaining how Labour’s open door immigration policy had had a disastrous effect on Bradford and surrounding areas and that people were unable to criticise it due to political correctness. He explained how areas had been completely taken over by Muslims and had turned into ‘no go areas’.
There were chants of “We want our country back!” from the EDL.
He had a message for George Galloway, MP for Bradford West, saying the people of Scotland had voted him out, the people of Bethnal Green had voted him out and if the people of Bradford have any sense, in 2015 they will vote him out!