'Office' star Ed Helms to produce comedy for NBC

Posted Oct 10, 2013 by Andrew Ellis
Ed Helms, who is best known for his work on "The Hangover" movies and "The Office," is going back to NBC — this time he's a producer.
Ed  Bradley and Zach in Thailand
Ed, Bradley and Zach in Thailand
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According to Deadline, Helms has landed a new comedy at the network that will be written by Aisha Muaharrar, a producer and writer on Parks and Recreation. Serving as executive producer is Michael Falbo who is the executive vice president at Pacific Electric Co.
According to Paste Magazine, the comedy is centered around a girl who wants to follow in Oprah's footsteps. Unfortunately, she's socially awkward so she practices by helping her friends and family solve their problems "Oprah-style" in order to get her ready for her big break.
This project is happening, according to Splitsider, through Helms' just-launched production company Pacific Electric Picture Co. According to Paste Magazine, his production company has a first-look deal with Universal TV which also owns NBC.
Bela Bajaria, according to Paste Magazine, said this after "agreeing to terms" with Helms' company:
"We are such fans of Ed Helms from his body of work as an actor but we have always been impressed by his instincts and interest in producing."
Helms has another project with Archer writer Mike Arnold in development at ABC, according to Splitsider.