GoPro captures fireman rescuing kitten

Posted Sep 28, 2013 by Owen Weldon
GoPro published a touching video of a fireman entering a house that was on fire, and once inside he found and rescued a kitten.
A screenshot from a video  recored by a GoPro camera  of a fireman rescuing a kitten
A screenshot from a video, recored by a GoPro camera, of a fireman rescuing a kitten
According to Laughing Squid, fireman Cory Kalanick not only rescued the kitten, but he also revived it.
According to Huffington post, the video shows Kalanick entering the Fresno, California home, and a kitten is shown laying on the floor in a smoke filled room. Kalanick picks the kitten up, brings it outside and then revives it using an entire tank of oxygen.
According to Telegraph, the kitten was given the name "lucky" and was taken to an emergency vet.
However, the kitten did not end up surviving the night. The video first appeared in June, but has now gone viral since yesterday, when GoPro published it to their YouTube channel.