Hulu adds more than 130 titles with new BBC Worldwide deal

Posted Sep 18, 2013 by Andrew Ellis
The days of scouring the Internet in search of probably-illegal torrents of your favorite BBC shows have come to an end - as long as you are willing to pay, or watch ads.
Back to basics: the Doctor s new TARDIS console  which owes much to the past. Well  it s about time!
Back to basics: the Doctor's new TARDIS console, which owes much to the past. Well, it's about time!
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According to BBC, Hulu has inked a deal with BBC Worldwide that will make 144 shows from BBC available to view on Hulu.
Most of the shows, including "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock," will be on the site's subscription service, Hulu plus. There are some that will be available for free via the ad-supported version, but it wasn't specified which shows those were.
This deal comes after Hulu's owners took the streaming site off of the auction block in July to concentrate on acquiring content, according to the Wall Street Journal.
In an interview, Hulu's acting chief executive, Andy Forssell, told The Wall Street Journal that they were "kicking back into action."
"This is us doing a bunch of stuff that we wanted to do and had been put on hold for a while," he added.
In addition to this deal, CNET mentioned that Hulu also made a deal with Lionsgate to produce 10 episodes of a supernatural comedy called "Deadbeat." That series, about a medium who helps ghosts in New York, is set to premiere in 2014. They also have a Seth Myers adult-oriented animated sitcom called "The Awesomes" that made its premiere on August 1st.
The BBC Worldwide deal is not exclusive as shows including Doctor Who and Sherlock are already available on other sites like Netflix and Amazon, according to CNET.
According to BBC, Forssell had this to say about the deal with BBC Worldwide:
"By adding this expansive collection of premium BBC Worldwide programming, Hulu plus solidifies its role as a top streaming platform for the best British programming available in the US."