Op-Ed: Time to end the propaganda war against Iran

Posted Aug 26, 2013 by Alexander Baron
The fiery pit that is now the Middle East should prompt the United States to rethink its foreign policy towards the entire region, especially Iran.
Hassan Rouhani has won Iran s Presidential election.
Hassan Rouhani has won Iran's Presidential election.
Those are the sentiments if not the actual words of Sarwar Kashmeri, an academic who unlike some might just know what he is talking about. In a recent article, he asks a question that few if any media pundits appear even to have thought of with regard to the current horrific situation in Syria: "is the American message that it is more humane to kill men, women, and children by machine guns and snipers than it is with poison gas?"
Anyone who doesn't understand what he is saying should learn the facts about rebellion with special relevance to Syria.
Can Iran help sort out the Middle East cauldron? What have we to lose by assuming it can? This would require the US to make the first move because there is the little matter of Western sanctions, which have done nothing useful for our relations with Iran, and according to some have done nothing useful per se.
The oft' parroted claim by certain vested interests that Iran is a threat to world peace must seem quaint to the average Iranian. If you don't understand why, compare these two lists. The first is a list of wars in which Iran has been involved. The second is a list of those involving the United States.
America is less than 250 years old; Iran is over two and a half thousand years old, yet the US has been involved in more wars than Iran in less than a tenth of the time. And let's not mention nuclear bombs, because only one country on Earth has ever used them in anger.
Then there is the little matter of medical sanctions imposed on the country. Or maybe it's not such a little matter if your child's life is threatened by a shortage of life-saving drugs.