Motorola Moto X coming to AT&T on August 23rd

Posted Aug 17, 2013 by Milton Este
The American assembled Motorola Moto X is coming to US carriers as early as the end of August. AT&T customers will have exclusive access to this phone on the 23rd of August.
Motorola and Google s Moto X smartphone
Motorola and Google's Moto X smartphone
On this date, AT&T customers will have access to Motorola's Moto Maker software, allowing users to customize the phone's color and wallpaper when ordering. After all, this is the phone that's designed to allow personalization.
The Moto X will have a starting price of $199.99 on a two year contract for the 16GB model. An upgrade to 32GB will cost $249.99 on a two year contract. For customers that do not wish to be locked in for two years, opting in for AT&T's Next program will allow eligibility for future phone upgrades.
AT&T's Next program for the Moto X will cost $27 per month for the 16GB model and $32 per month for the 32GB model.
At this point, there is no price based comparison as the Moto X will be arriving to other carriers later on. Verizon Wireless has yet to announce their upgrade program and pricing for T-Mobile's Jump program has yet to be released.