'Catalan Way Towards Independence' — human chain to span region

Posted Aug 17, 2013 by Anne Sewell
As was done in Estonia in 1989, supporters of Catalan independence are planning to stage a human chain across the region on September 11, Catalonia's national day. Trial runs are already ongoing.
Catalans march for independence in Barcelona  Spain on September 11  2012
Catalans march for independence in Barcelona, Spain on September 11, 2012
Video screen capture
A similar and very successful human chain took place in Estonia in 1989 in support of the independence of the Baltic States.
At that stage, they built a chain of 150,000 people, forming a 215 km line across the country. Latvia and Lithuania also participated in what was known as the "Baltic Way". A historic image from that time is included below:
Historic photograph of the Baltic way taken near the border between Latvia and Lithuania in August 1...
Historic photograph of the Baltic way taken near the border between Latvia and Lithuania in August 1989.
Now organizers from Estonia are assisting Catalan independence supporters with their plans.
Reportedly Estonian organizers learned the importance of practice chains and they held smaller events before the main human chain was formed. According to the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), it will take about 100 trial runs to ensure success before attempting to span the Catalonia region on September 11.
The actual path of the planned human chain is listed on Wikipedia on a page created for the event.
However, the "The Catalan Way Towards Independence" aims to draw international attention to the separatist cause. Not only will this event happen in Catalonia, as international chains are being planned in full support.
Similar celebrations and events will be held by supporters in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, England, France, German, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland, Thailand, Uruguay, the USA and other countries.
Apparently the Irish are planning a major event in Dublin and the website, An Phoblacht, lists all the major events worldwide. An Phoblacht is monthly newspaper published by Sinn Féin in Ireland.
The Irish website quotes one of the Catalan activist organizers in Dublin, Alba Diví Carné as saying:
“We want this human chain to extend beyond the borders of our country and reach everyone who is a friend of Catalonia and supports the people’s right of self-determination."
“Up to 11 September, the ANC Catalan Foreign Assemblies are organizing ‘The International Catalan Way’, small-scale replicas of the human chain in Catalonia in the main cities of the world."
“So you can join us in Dublin on Saturday 1 September at 5:30pm at the General Post Office in O'Connell Street."
“This will be a unique event to celebrate freedom and solidarity. And, needless to say, the more people that join us, the bigger impact it will have for our cause."
“We hope you will help us spread the voice and that there will be a lot of Irish people showing their support for Catalunya, and our fight to achieve independence democratically.”
Please note in the above quote Catalonia was spelled both the English pronunciation (Catalonia) and Catalan spelling (Catalunya). In Spanish, the region is spelled Cataluña.
According to Spanish media, 300,000 people, including many senior politicians, have signed up to participate in the human chain event on September 11, the day which is better known locally as "La Diada", the national day of Catalonia.
Last year's event saw more than one million people rallying in the streets of Barcelona in support of Catalan independence. Digital Journal reported at the time, together with a video of the event.