Thieves repent and return most of 12,000 stolen golf balls

Posted Aug 16, 2013 by Anne Sewell
After realizing they were about to get caught, thieves returned a haul of stolen practice golf balls to a Benidorm golf club with a note sincerely apologizing for the theft.
Golf balls
Golf balls
The 12,000 distinctive yellow golf balls were stolen from the Las Rejas Golf Club in Benidorm, Spain on the night of June 25th.
A statement from the golf club described how staff arrived the next morning to find a "completely broken" lock on the box used to store the balls. The club puts a value of around €10,000 on the haul.
The crime was reported to local police, but there was no luck in finding the balls until last Sunday, when some club members apparently spotted some men selling balls identical to those stolen in the nearby municipality of Polop de la Marina, Alicante.
With the balls being so very distinctive, in that they are yellow and marked with the black stamp of the Srixon Volvo brand, it wasn't too difficult to identify them.
The National Police in Benidorm advised their Polop branch who immediately started investigating.
On top of this, golf club staff decided to head out to Polop de la Marina to try and find out who had the balls and was selling them, and to let the criminals know that they were facing prosecution for the theft.
However, on Wednesday morning, much to their surprise, they found the club's car park and access ramp covered in bags full of golf balls.
Along with the golf balls was a note reading: "We apologize. We repent our actions. We're returning the balls to you. Anonymous."
While the club advised that not all of the 12,000 balls had been returned, they said that there were "enough" and they dropped the charges.