11-year-old boy shot in Madrid by 'sleep-deprived' neighbor

Posted Aug 1, 2013 by Anne Sewell
A young boy is in a critical condition in hospital, after a 30-year-old neighbor in the San Blas district of Madrid shot him for "not letting him sleep."
Fountain of Cybele / Fuente de Cibeles  Madrid  Spain
Fountain of Cybele / Fuente de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain
San Roman, Jorge E
Police arrested José S.A. on Tuesday night after he allegedly shot an eleven-year-old boy. The boy was playing football with a friend in the street near the man's home at around 8:30 pm.
The child was rushed to hospital in a serious condition with a bullet in his chest.
Initial investigations by officials revealed that the alleged shooter is a former army sniper and that he had previously threatened the children for making too much noise.
According to the Spanish media on Thursday, officers from the police station in San Blas-Vicálvaro found four rifles, 65 rounds of ammunition and eight knives in the suspect's home.
A previous incident in July 2012 had been reported, where José S.A. took away a municipal cleaner's leaf blower at gunpoint for making too much noise.
Apparently in both cases, José S.A. was quoted as stating that he was "very tired" and "needed to rest".