Op-Ed: United States is primary source of cyber-attacks

Posted Jul 26, 2013 by Dan Steiner
Cybercrime is an activity that is now affecting countries all around the world. As countries the world over have moved into an increasingly digital age, criminals have also evolved in line with technological advancements.
Savas Keskiner/E+/Getty Images
This has led to a sharp increase in cybercrime over recent years, leading to both home computer users and businesses worrying about falling victim to this type of activity.
While cybercriminals hail from a number of countries, it has been claimed in a recent report that it is the United States that is the primary source of cyber-attacks. The data comes from the security firm Imperva and is part of its yearly Web Application Attack Report. The report showed that the USA was topping the charts when it came to problems such as comment spam, SQL injections, and exploitation of file vulnerabilities.
The data was compiled following a study that was carried out over a six month period. Internet traffic was scrutinized to pick up on key trends. An official from Imperva said that is was no surprise that the US had come out on top when it came to being the main source of cyber-attacks. He said that the internet in general was still very US based and that most internet traffic came from the United States. It therefore made sense that the US would also be the primary source of attacks.
Although the report suggests that the United States is the major source of cyber attacks by default because of the level of internet usage, another recent report has claimed that China now has more than double the number of internet users as the United States. This could mean that the USA is toppled of this dubious top spot in the near future with China taking its place instead.
Cyber-crime can have a profound effect on the systems of users who fall victim to it, although prevention and removal of problems such as computer viruses are far more accessible these days. However, huge losses have stemmed from cyber-attacks against businesses, with claims that the retail sector has taken a real battering. The data from the report showed that the retail sector experienced double the number of SQL injection attacks than businesses in other sectors. The attacks in this sector were also said to be more sustained than with other industries. In fact, the data showed that one retail website that has been under observation as part of the study remained under attack for 98 percent of the time.
Officials have said that given the worrying figures with relation to cyber-attacks, businesses and consumers could no longer afford to be complacent about taking the proper security measures to protect themselves.