O.J. wants out of prison now

Posted Jul 26, 2013 by Amanda Byas
O.J. Simpson, 66, has spent nearly all of the last decade in a Nevada prison after his conviction on kidnapping, armed robbery, and a variety of other charges for breaking into a Las Vegas casino to reclaim his items.
Simpson told two Nevada parole board members Thursday, “His nearly five years in custody have been somewhat illuminating at times and painful a lot of times. I missed my two younger kids who worked hard getting through high school, I missed their college graduations. I missed my sister's funeral. I missed all the birthdays."
Simpson will learn whether he will have less time to spend in prison in about two weeks, when the parole board comes back with its verdict.
Even if the majority of the parole boards do vote in his favor, he won’t necessarily be free, according to KNSV and KTNV. He will still have to serve more of his term, at least another four years to be exact.
Simpson's worst case scenario? Serving decades more behind bars. He was sentenced up to 33 years in prison, after his 2008 conviction.