Bolan's son is suing music publisher

Posted Jul 21, 2013 by Tim Sandle
Marc Bolan's son is suing a UK music publisher for $2 million for alleged copyright infringement. The son of the T Rex front man claims that he owns the rights to the band's hits.
Mark Bolan  circa 1973
Mark Bolan, circa 1973
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Rolan Seymour Feld has brought a case against the publisher Westminster Music over the rights to Mark Bolan's songs with his 1970s glam rock band T Rex, according to the Washington Post. The claim is based on the publisher apparently not renewing its contract to use Bolan's songs.
Mark Bolan's real name was Mark Feld. He led the band T Rex from 1967 until his death in 1977. The band began as a fol group called Tyrannosaurus Rex, before embracing the glam rock sound of the mid-1970s and shortening their name to T Rex. The band's hits included "Jeepster", "Get It On", "Ride a White Swan", "20th Century Boy", "Children of the Revolution", "Hot Love", "Telegram Sam", and "Metal Guru". The band had four U.K. number one singles and peak at #10 in the U.S. with "Get It On" (which also reached number 12 in Canada).
With the court case, Feld claims Bolan transferred copyright to Westminster for one year in a document signed in October 1968. Feld then argues that as the inheritor of his father's estate that he is entitled to all royalties from October 1969 onwards.