New wonder drug matches and kills all kinds of cancer

Posted Jul 12, 2013 by Timothy Whitt
Stanford researchers are on track to start testing a new cancer fighting drug. Thousands are lining up to be the first to try the new drug.
A breast cancer cell
A breast cancer cell
The progress on the new drug comes just months after the groundbreaking study done, "by Dr Irv Weissman, who developed an antibody that breaks down a cancer's defense mechanisms in the body."
The protein, called CD47, tells the body not to eat the cancer cells, but the new antibody developed by Weissman will block the CD47 and frees up immune cells called "macrophages" which will then destroy the cancer cells.
The new drug points the "miraculous macrophages" in the direction of the cancer cells so that the cancer fighting "killer T cells" can do their work.
“It was completely unexpected that CD8+ T cells would be mobilized when macrophages engulfed the cancer cells in the presence of CD47-blocking antibodies,” said MD/PhD student Diane Tseng, the lead author of the study.
While the new drug has yet to reach the test phase on humans, which will happen in 2014. there is hope the new treatment will help the immune system wage a two prong attack against cancer, with macrophages and T cells.