Saudi school principal shoots students

Posted Jun 30, 2013 by Saunon Malek
A Saudi Arabian principal opened fire on two of his students on final examination day in the town of Tharb, near Medina.
Saudi Arabia: Modern city of Medina
Saudi Arabia: Modern city of Medina
Fars News reports that after a 'fierce dispute' with their principal, the two students departed the school, and as they drove away, their principal began firing shots at their car.
They then headed to the local police station to file a complaint on their principal, as well as to explain their situation. Their remarks were confirmed by the town's police spokesman, Fahad al-Ghannam, after having found bullet holes in the vehicle, during the investigation.
Recently, there have been many uprisings across the Arab nation, where school students have been getting involved in extremist and violent activities. According to Saudi Arabia's ministry of education, a near 50 percent of students are subject to violence in their social lives and commit such acts as well.
Many claim that the main cause of the problem has to do with bad parenting, social instabilities, violent television shows, and satellite programs that preach Islamic extremism.