Pamela Wallin mirrors Mike Duffy with false residency claims

Posted Jun 8, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
Senator Pamela Wallin seems to be following in the footsteps of Senator Mike Duffy. Wallin was being investigated for false expense claims, as Duffy was, and now, again like Duffy, her residency claims have become a topic of interest.
Ottawa: Parliament Hill.
Ottawa: Parliament Hill.
Steven W. Dengler
On her Senate forms, Wallin claimed her primary residence was in Wadena, Sask., and while sitting in the Senate, she was appointed in 2009, that claim earned her over $20,000 yearly from the Canadian taxpayer as having a primary residence over 100 kilometers from Ottawa. The extra amount is given to Senators not regularly living in the nation's capital as compensation for having to keep up two residences.
However, CTV reports that during the same years she was filling out Senate forms and listing her primary residence as Saskatchewan, Wallin was listing her primary residence as Toronto when filling forms related to her position on the Board of Directors of the Toronto-based investment firm Gluskin Sheff and Associates Inc. . She began making that claim in 2006 and kept making until her recent resignation from that board. She earned over $450,000 over 7 years with the investment firm.
Senator Pamela Wallin: payback time
To date, Wallin has been forced to pay back $38,000 for fraudulent expense claims and may have another $20,000 to repay. Some $321,000 of her expense claims are being auditing by the firm Deliotte, who say it will take until mid-summer to complete.
It's not clear if her residency claims will now also be investigated. She may in fact deserve the extra funds but the fact she claims to have two primary residences at the same time, and the fact that she also has a residence in Ottawa, may cloud the picture enough to warrant the Senate looking further into her residency.
Wallin and Mike Duffy both worked for CTV as broadcasters, each joined the Senate as Conservative senators on Jan. 2, 2009 and both are now under fire for expense and residency claims. Wallin left the Conservative senate caucus last month until, she said, the matters surrounding her are resolved.