Ghost town surfaces again

Posted May 16, 2013 by Owen Weldon
A ghost town that has spent around a quarter century underwater has surfaced for air once again. The town, Epecuen, is located in the Argentine farmlands southwest of Buenos Aires.
Epecuén  a spa resort and tourist village in Argentina  which was covered in water 25 years ago and...
Epecuén, a spa resort and tourist village in Argentina, which was covered in water 25 years ago and is gradually coming up for air.
According to IOL, at one point in time Epecuen was a little lakeside resort, where about 20,000 tourists went for a season, and 1,500 people also worked there.
According to InSerbia, the town ended up being flooded back in 1985, after a strong rainstorm struck it. A series of wet winters also caused the lake at the resort to overflow. Within days the town was under around 33 feet of water.
News24 reported the waters started to recede back in 2007 and now all of the water has mostly receded. However, the town has not been rebuilt, but tourists are once again flocking to it.
Tourists come to see the rusted vehicles and furniture that is scattered on the streets, as well as the crumbled homes. Tourists also climb staircases that lead to nowhere and they also go to the graveyard where headstones are toppled and tombs are exposed to the elements.
One man still does live on the edge of town, Pablo Novak, who is now 82, had refused to leave. He now welcomes guests who come to visit the streets of Epecuen. As reported by DigitalJournal, none of the other residents have returned to live in the town.
Most of the residents of Epecuen ended up going to Carhue, which is another lakeside town, and that is where they built new hotels and spas.