Father charged with possession of illegal BB gun

Posted May 10, 2013 by Alex Allen
A father in New York has been arrested and is facing a long list of charges after he and his children were spotted playing with a toy BB gun in public.
Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun
Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun
Earlier this week, Digital Journalist Alex Allen reported that two Virginia second graders had been suspended from school after pointing their pencils at one another and making "shooting noises." In the article, numerous incidences reflecting the paranoia over weapons, specifically guns, in America were cited, including a five year old who was suspended over a pink Hello Kitty bubble gun and a school that offered counseling to students who were "traumatized" by a classmate shaping a toaster pastry into what appeared to be a "gun shape." Stories similar to these appear to be piling up and it seems as though we have another to add to the list.
On Wednesday, May 8, CBS New York reported that a father, Jack Pawlowski, had been arrested at Queens Park in New York after he and his children were seen playing with a toy BB gun that, according to witnesses, "appeared to be a real gun."
This story goes a little deeper than some of the previous reports of a similar nature, however. Rather than being arrested simply on the grounds of suspicion and paranoia, it appears as though BB guns are actually illegal in New York.
Critiques are on fire about these reports and similar stories that have taken place in the days and months following the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. put out a piece today which criticized the mainstream media for its bias in reporting on these events, citing the fact that the interviewees often express opinions such as “The schools have a hard job these days, after the Newtown shooting. Everybody is on edge…” and “Mickey is a good boy. I’m sure he meant no harm with the water pistol. But bringing it to school not the thing to do…” In this piece, they also state that there are people out there who would suggest that the reactions to these events are absurd and claim that the media simply refuses to interview these people, calling it a psyop and dismissing mainstream news as a "movie."