Domino's Pizza introduces donut shaped pizzas

Posted May 10, 2013 by Milton Este
If pizza isn't good enough for you, hopefully Domino's Pizza's solution will accommodate your needs by putting together all the classic fast food restaurant menu items.
A pizza box for Domino s
A pizza box for Domino's
It's name is the "donna pizza" and can be found in Domino's Pizza all across Guatemala. This pizza isn't your ordinary every day, one, two, or even three topping pizza with cheese that stretches longer than your arms. This is the donut pizza!
This is exactly what it sounds like, basically a standard pizza with cheese and other toppings with the center carved out. In replacement for the carved out hole in the center, customers have the option of choosing other menu items such as a filling of Buffalo wings. The other known option is a serving of ribs to go along with the pizza. Apparently, Foodbeast sees this pizza taking off successfully, but only time will tell.
As for Domino's Pizza reason, it could be to match Pizza Hut's crazy selections such as the double crust and cheeseburger stuff pies in Singapore and the Middle East. As Delish thinks, making a pizza using a donut is going a bit too far, so as for now, Domino's Pizza is only using the donut design, but will continue to be made with pizza ingredients.