Salafist preachers call for Jihad as rockets strike Lebanon

Posted Apr 23, 2013 by Sami Zaatari
Two rockets fired from Syria struck Lebanese territory, causing no injuries or death. The rocket attacks comes amidst an offensive being carried out by Syrian troops near the border area.
The two rocket attacks struck the mainly Shiite Lebanese town of Hermel, with one of the rockets causing damage to a house under construction, and the second rocket hitting an open field located near a hospital.
Meanwhile across the border in Syria, Syrian troops were continuing their offensive in the Homs province, looking to capture the town of Qusair from rebel hands.
Syrian troops have tightened their grip around the town of Qusair by capturing other nearby villages and towns.
Reports from the Syrian offensive have also involved members of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah in the fighting.
A senior official within Hezbollah defended the group's role in the fighting, claiming it was only seeking defend Shiite villages on the border area.
The fighting near the Lebanese border as well as Hezbollah's involvement, has also caused Salafist preachers in Lebanon to call for a Jihad inside Syria, to aid the rebels efforts in repelling the government offensive in Qusayr.
Sidon based preacher Sheikh Ahmad Assir issued the following statement:
We in Lebanon are today [caught] between the Zionist hammer and the anvil of Iran’s party arms [Hezbollah], which have been directed internally. Therefore, every Muslim in Lebanon or abroad is duty-bound to respond to the [jihad] appeal and support the oppressed in Syria, particularly in Al-Qusair
Another preacher, Salem al-Rifai, also called on people to join the fighting across the border:
As Hezbollah is sending fighters to defend minority Shiite areas as it claims, we will also send men and arms to our Sunni brothers in Al-Qusair