3-year-old girl killed by blow from dad that 'severed her bowel'

Posted Apr 13, 2013 by Owen Weldon
A court has heard how a three-year-old girl died when part of her bowel was severed, after she was attacked by her own father.
Photo of Lia Green. Her 23 years old father  Richard Green  denies murdering her
Photo of Lia Green. Her 23 years old father, Richard Green, denies murdering her
Lancashire Constabulary / PA
Preston Crown court, on Wednesday, heard how the girl, Lia Green, was covered with bruises when she was taken to the hospital, according to Guardian.
According to Sky News, Lia's dad, Richard Green, 23, and her mother, Natalie, 21, pleaded not guilty to causing or allowing the death of the child.
Peter Wright, the prosecutor, said that Lia's fatal injury was likely caused from a punch or kick to her stomach. He went onto say that the type of injury she had is normally seen in kids that have been in car accidents.
According to DailyMail, Lia was hit after her father found out that Natalie was having an affair with a parent of a child at the nursery school where she worked.
Doctors said that Lia had bruises on her stomach, neck, back, buttocks, both arms and both legs. All of the bruises were caused by deliberate blows.
The trial is expected to take up to six weeks.