Lady Gaga offered $1,000,000 to sing for Republican Party at RNC

Posted Apr 4, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
It seems that the Fame Monster, Lady Gaga, does not like fame, or money, enough to spurn her political beliefs. A report in the Washington Examiner today said Gaga declined to play at the Republican National Convention (RNC) for a lucrative amount.
Lady Gaga naked with small men crawling over the nasty bits.
Lady Gaga naked with small men crawling over the nasty bits.
Photo courtesy Lady Gaga
Gaga supports many causes not consistent with GOP views, such as same-sex marriage. Her refusal to play for the party came despite being offered one million dollars. The information comes from the filings of a lawsuit from the American Action Network (ANN), a Republican nonprofit fundraiser, who are suing a vendor who was to stage entertainers at the GOP's convention last August 27 to 30.
Included in the filings are emails of AAN's director of development, Pete Meachum, who tired to get Gaga to play the RNC. "See what it would take to get Gaga instead of Dolly (Parton)," Meachum wrote to Rob Jennings of Cater America LLC, an event production company from Wyoming. He wanted Gaga to play the evening of the first day of the convention and he instructed Jennings to sweeten the pot.
"Also, tell them that $150,000 will go towards a domestic violence shelter," he wrote to Jennings, trying to appeal to Lady Gaga's charitable causes and work, in particular for women and the LGBT community. But Gaga, who has played for President Obama, was not fooled.
As it turned out, Dolly Parton was asked but said no; Pitbull also declined. Journey and Kid Rock played on separate nights during the convention. Actor Clint Eastwood was also on-hand.