007's M makes fired bullets into Skyfall memorabilia

Posted Mar 29, 2013 by Matthew Hendricks
78 year old Dame Judi Dench shot a weapon for the first time in her role as M in the James Bond movies, and she has just the thing to make the memory last.
Judi Dench has had a 007 memento made. The 78 year old actress who plays the role of M, kept the bullet cases of the four shots she fired in the latest Bond movie, Skyfall.
According to ThisIsSussex, she took them to a jeweller, Roger Elliott Designs, who made them into special cuff links.
Roger Elliot plated the empty bullet cases with 18 carat gold, set with fine natural rubies and made gold chains and end bars, styled as bullets, and engraved them "Skyfall".
The jewellery took three days to create at Mr Elliott's Nutfield High Street business.
According to TheJewelleryEditor, the very fancy cufflinks, really something remarkable, will be a Christmas gift for her grandson.