Preview of Bettina Wyngaard's new novel 'Vuilspel'

Posted Mar 26, 2013 by Matthew Hendricks
"Vuilspel" (Fowl Play) is Bettina Wyngaard's second novel, recently released onto shop shelves. It features her favorite theme, the rights of women.
Screenshot from The Joy of Books
Screenshot from The Joy of Books
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After her studies at the University of Stellenbosch, Bettina Wyngaard did criminal litigation. Although she dubbed this time in her life "hell on wheels", she closely learned a lot about the world of police officers, gangs and jails, knowledge she would later put to good use in her second novel, Vuilspel.
Bettina knows there will definitely be people who wouldn't read Vuilspel, as it features a heavy theme, violence against women. More specifically, the plot revolves around a corrective rape (rape of a lesbian in order to "fix" her by showing her what men could offer), something found mostly in black and coloured communities.
Although Bettina agrees that books are there for entertainment, she would also like to inform and educate about such subjects nobody would talk about at the dinnertable.
These days Bettina Wyngaard is a full time writer. Not, she says, because she's rich, but because she's brave. She also insists on being called a writer, and not a female writer or a brown / coloured writer.