Lioness of Croatia, Nora Situm dies after leukemia battle

Posted Mar 20, 2013 by Paul Bradbury
She was the small child who united a nation in economic crisis, a Croatian lioness who has gone to join the angels with wings. Nora Situm passed away today at five years old.
A nation responds to an appeal to help a sick child.
A nation responds to an appeal to help a sick child.
Vratimo osmijeh Nori na lice NORA FORA Strasni LAV
Croatia is in mourning on March 20, 2013 with the news from America that 5 year-old lioness Nora Situm has lost her battle with illness and passed away at 05:20 local time.
As previously reported by Digital Journal, Nora was suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and her condition required immediate treatment by specialists in America, capturing the hearts of a nation, and an impassioned appeal raised the initial 3.3 million kuna ($590,000) to enable her to go to Philadelphia for treatment.
A misunderstanding in communication led to that figure being somewhat higher, but again the money was found, and brave Nora made her transatlantic trip.
Nora's short but brave life ended this morning, and her mother posted a very moving letter which has been widely shared in the Croatian media, including on one Nora Facebook page with more than 123,000 fans (excerpts):
"Tonight at 00:20, or 05:20 our time, our brave lion decided to close her eyes and rest. It was enough and it was too much
Dancing around my princess, happy and free! Take care of and watch over us! She taught us what love is. You have changed our lives.
It will not be easy without her, but she will always be here ...
I have a wound in my heart that hurts a lot. But every time it hurts, I remember who is there. Like I did six years ago when my stomach was pounding.
We love you and thank you for the unconditional and generous support during this time!
Nora in our hearts :-)
P.S. I hope that the sky is big enough for her energy and hyperactivity. Here there is not enough space :-)!"