Five-year-old Canadian pianist to play at Carnegie Hall

Posted Mar 14, 2013 by Ken Hanly
Five-year-old Ryan Wang claims that "Music is in my head". Wang is from Vancouver BC, Canada. Before his mother decided that he should take music lessons last year, Ryan had spent many hours playing on an electric keyboard.
Prestigious venue for classical and popular music concerts
Prestigious venue for classical and popular music concerts
Ryan won a second-place finish at the recent American Protege Piano and Strings International Competition. Ryan is scheduled to play later this month at Carnegie Hall, as part of the 2013 American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition showcasing the winners. Carnegie Hall is in midtown Manhattan in New York City. It was built by Andrew Carnegie in 1891 and designed by architect William Tuthill. The Hall is one of the most prestigious places in the world for both classical and popular performers and performances.
Ryan's mother was hesitant about having him take formal music lessons at first when he was just four. She said to the Vancouver Sun: "I was thinking four years is so young, right? You cannot even read the notes."
However, it was not long before Wang was able to master an 18 page concerto composed for young pianists many times his age. When contemplating his future Wang was able to look quite far ahead for a five year old: "I am going to play piano, I think, for ten years." Ryan does not suffer at all from stage fright. His mother says that she is always more nervous than he is.
Ryan has more appearances. He is scheduled to appear with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, and the Fazioli Pianoforti concert hall in Italy.
Although Ryan travels to New York this weekend, he will make some time to perform for local audiences later. He will perform at the Meek Theatre in West Vancouver on June 9, and all the proceeds collected will go to the Sarah MacLachlan School of Music.