New scorpion species found near Tucson

Posted Mar 3, 2013 by Owen Weldon
Biologists announced that they have discovered a new species scorpion, called Vaejovis Brysoni, in southern Arizona in the Santa Catalina Mountains.
A scorption
A scorption
Doug Letterman (CC BY 2.0)
According to Sci-News, the mountains overlooks Tucson, Arizona, and the new species was discovered within sight of a large metropolitan area.
Dr. Rob Bryson Jr. was the one who discovered the new species. He was actually looking for a different animal when he made the discovery.
According to Live Science, the creature is only about an inch long and it is a dapper brown color. The scorpion lives in the oak forests in the mountains, at an elevation of around 5,900 feet.
According to Inquisitr, Dr. Bryson wanted to make sure that the new scorpion species was indeed of an unknown variety, and he sent out specimens of the species. Now there are 10 scorpion species that are known to live on the mountain range in Arizona.
In the past decade the number of scorpions in New Mexico and Arizona has more than doubled.