Lil Wayne vs. the Miami Heat's Chris Bosh

Posted Feb 19, 2013 by Layne Weiss
Rapper Lil Wayne started a war with Miami Heat power forward/center Chris Bosh by claiming he slept with Chris' wife Adrienne. It all started with a Twitter rant during the NBA All-Star Game Sunday.
Lil Wayne.
Lil Wayne.
Ryan Dombal
"F-k Lebron, F-k She Wade, F-k Chris Bosh. F-k all them n*ggas, man," Weezy ranted according to Rap Fix.
"And, and, and I f-ked Chris Bosh wife," the rapper added.
"Some people attack those who have the peace and joy they wish they had! Pay them no mind! Live your dream, strut and wave..." Dwyane Wade's girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, tweeted in response to all the drama.
Adrienne Bosh retweeted Union's tweet.
It is likely that Weezy's rant stems from an incident that occurred last week in which the YMCMCB rapper claims he was kicked out of a Lakers/Heat game.
A spokesman for the Heat, however told USA Today that he was not kicked out, but that he left on his own accord.
As far as sleeping with Adrienne Bosh, Weezy may not be lying. A long time ago, Adrienne worked in the nightlife industry where she was known as Adrienne "shortstack" Williams. This has not been confirmed, but according to Global Grind, she was a "fixture" at a lot of popular Atlanta nightclubs and she and Lil Wayne used to fool around. She allegedly scammed the rapper for money by claiming she was sick for cancer and needed money for treatment.
This story has not been totally confirmed, but a source says "Wayne would never lie on his d*ck."
It is said that Adrienne has changed a lot since her nightclub days.